If you want an av, fill out this template and post it to the av request inbox section of my message board

Name: (name to go on the av, correctly spelled)

Extra text: (do you want a quote, extra text to go on the av, a ghost code?)

Size: (what size limits does the room have? My default size is 500w by 350h but can go higher or lower if specified)

Where are you going to wear it?: (Gor, Medieval, Theme, Vampire, General chat, board wear, etc.)

Additional information: (All the extra details you can come up with - dark, gothic, soft, grungy, thin frames, feminine font..)(If you have a character, provide details about the setting of the room, the personality of the character, etc.)

Model: (If you have a name for your model...)

Appearance: (If you don't have a model's name... describe the look you want with hair color, eye color, skin tone, hair style, etc)

And finally, if you have pictures - please provide them! Mind you, I want to work with good quality images and of a decent size.

Also... note that I will not work with another's artwork... that is, a previously created avatar or a wallpaper graphic. Please, respect the original artist's work, and give the superb artists here a chance to come up with original, extraordinary artwork.

(template courtesy of Portal of Dreams)