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Av Template
« on: October 22, 2014, 07:51:49 AM »
If you want an avi, please fill out this template:

Name: (name to go on the av, correctly spelled)

Extra text: (do you want a quote, extra text to go on the av, a ghost code?)

Size: (what size limits does the room have? My default size is 500w by 350h but can go higher or lower if specified)

Where are you going to wear it? (Gor, Medieval, Theme, Vampire, General chat, board wear, etc.)

Additional information: (All the extra details you can come up with - dark, gothic, soft, grungy, thin frames, feminine font..)(If you have a character, provide details about the setting of the room, the personality of the character, etc.)

Model: (If you have a name for your model...)

Appearance: (If you don't have a model's name... describe the look you want with hair color, eye color, skin tone, hair style, etc)

And finally, if you have pictures - please provide them! Mind you, I want to work with good quality images and of a decent size.

Also... note that I will not work with another's artwork... that is, a previously created avatar or a wallpaper graphic. Please, respect the original artist's work, and give the superb artists here a chance to come up with original, extraordinary artwork.

(template courtesy of Portal of Dreams)